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Apr 9



And here it is, my last 365.

Thank you, everyone!

If you want more of me, feel free to try to find me online, which I’ve made loads easier with all the links and whatnot.

I will miss you!

P.S. Remember to always smile!

Dec 27



Alright, after saying that I might start a vlog next year, I decided to do a test video to see how I am. There’s lots of things I can refine about my videos - like the video - so yeah, it’s still a maybe.

The video is bad quality because uploading would cap me, and I’ve been watching online shows this month, so yeah maybe I won’t do a vlog until after I upgrade my internet.

So, apart from thinking about the video and writing that blog post, I didn’t do much today. I ALSO WOKE UP AT HALF PAST 12 BECAUSE OF THE LATE-NIGHT BEDTIME. I can’t blame my friend though, I was the one who accepted the challenge I created.

So yeah, what do you guys think: should I start a vlog with what skills I have shown?

Aug 28



WOW IT’S A VIDEO THIS TIME! Okay TBH I have no idea how to make a gif that looks really smooth, like the ones I see other people make. If someone can help me I would really appreciate it cos I like gifs. I’m going to start using them more in my Tumblr posts.

Um ANYWAY that was my attempt at the Blue Steel/Magnum dealio. Not very ridikulusly good-looking I know.

I did some work today, but I will have to work pretty much all of tomorrow as well. I think I should be okay though if I just put my mind to it!

Also, I had a little ponder about what I would do if I am about to be stuck in a Groundhog Day loop.

So, seriously, if someone can teach me how to make good smooth gifs tell me!